ALENU Project : Action for Livelihood Enhancement in Northern Uganda

This European Union-funded project focusing on improving livelihoods by food diversification, enhancing market opportunities and better maternal and child nutrition.


January 2020 to April 2022

General Objective

The aim is the change the food production and consumption patterns through training and raising awareness, as well as improving market access to advance livelihoods (especially household nutrition) and increase resilience of poor subsistence farmers in West Nile and Acholi regions.

Specific objectives

Farmers will be trained in sustainable and climate smart crop and livelihood production to support the production of healthy and diversified foods. We will also be supporting market linkages to increase crop yield productivity. We are conducting training in post-harvesting and business development, and directing producers to market opportunities. Additionally, this project addresses maternal and child health issues through community-based initiatives and the distribution of micro-nutrient supplements and de-worming. ALENU also focuses on nutrition and population growth issues through sexual reproduction health education on family planning, women’s empowerment and access to health services and products.

Results achieved

5,000 vulnerable small-hold farmers and their households received service and product bundles, including training.


This project is being implemented in partnership with Caritas Switzerland (lead), Agency for Accelerated Regional Development (AfARD), and Advance Afrika, with the financial support of the European Union.