GlobeMed Project : Economic Empowerment of HIV-positive Mothers & HIV Prevention

Columbia University has cultivated a long-term internship partnership project with GWED-G to support this project focused on HIV prevention.


Apr. 2008 to Present (Ongoing)


As a result of the LRA War, Uganda was the country leading in number of HIV-positive orphans, and continues to struggle with high rates of HIV today. While interventions immediately following the war sought to tackle the spread of HIV, one purported unintended consequence has been a fear of HIV and stigmatization of HIV-positive peoples. This has led to people avoiding testing and treatment, as well as social isolation of those impacted.

General Objective

This project works to destigmatize HIV/AIDS to help integrate HIV-positive people into communities to live harmoniously with others. We provide livelihood support to HIV-positive mothers, who are among the most isolated through stigmatization. Additionally, we create awareness about Sexual and Gender Based Violence and distribute safe-birthing kits (mama kits) to women who have limited access to health services.


This project is being implemented by GWED-G with the financial support of Columbia University.