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GWED-G needs you ♡

Today, the challenges faced remain more than ever in Northern Uganda and the presence of GWED-G has never been more important. Indeed, the strength of GWED-G is its specialization and the training of its members and staff. The activities implemented are of high quality and GWED-G’s experience gives it real legitimacy.
However, the activities undertaken by GWED-G are threatened by the lack of sustainable solutions available. As the current funding system is based on project-based funding, this means that the organization’s general operating costs are generally not covered by donor funding. Representing a real treat for GWED-G and its activities in the medium and long term.

And this is where WE NEED YOU, every small donation can do a big change ♡

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For a Better Futur Together

Support GWED-G in accessing its new premises to continue to build a sustainable future for all of us

So that GWED-G’s success story continues to lead to the success stories of thousands of other women, we need you more than ever in continuing to fight for Women rights, by providing them :

A Learning Center : to train women and empower them
A Library : to access to information and for GWED-G to become a reference Centre for research on gender equality and SGBV
A Counselling room/lactating cottage : to create safe spaces for Women survivors
A Craft& Grocery place : for them to have a place to help Women in Craft survivors to generate income
A Building PWDs friendly : for them to feel not being apart and being an example in Northern Uganda for the inclusion of PWDs in building structure.

All these facilities will be part of our new GWED-G building and building a sustainable future for all of us is a matter of now, if not now, then WHEN ?

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