Conquering HIV/AIDS with GlobeMed

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It was just another day for Sandra when she decided to drop by her local health center in December 2017. She would have never imagined that she would test positive for HIV on one seemingly regular doctor’s visit. Pregnant with her second child, Sandra was overcome with immense fear. She was unsure what her status meant for her upcoming child and started to consider abortion. Upon disclosing this information to her husband, she was met with ridicule and contempt. Not knowing where to access resources or find support, Sandra decided to take her life.

Fortunately, Sandra ended up crossing paths with one of the local VHT workers in Pagak. The VHT worker counselled her on the specifics of HIV and connected her to a local health center from where she was able to procure ARV (Anti-Retroviral) medication. Her uncertainties and fears subsided once she understood that she could still live a fulfilling life and give birth to a healthy child. She is now also enrolled in GWED-G’s HIV Prevention and Maternal Health program through which she was able to receive a Mama Kit which will ensure that her coming baby is safely delivered and will be protected from HIV transmission.

At 23, Sandra has many hopes for the future- she would like to have GWED-G’s support in establishing her own business. The little financial support that her husband provides her is not enough for her to send her children to school. She is also anticipating goats and seeds through GWED-G’s livelihood program so that she is able to be self-sufficient and generate income for the well-being for her entire family. In addition to that, Sandra expressed her heartfelt gratitude to GWED-G for their services and outreach that help her feel supported and gave her another chance at life.