Promoting human rights and gender sensitive culture for peaceful co-existing communities of Northern Uganda – DIAKONIA

GWED-G with financial support from Diakonia is currently implementing a 5 year (2021-2025) project ‘promoting human rights and gender sensitive culture for peaceful co-existing communities of Northern Uganda. The project areas are Gulu, Amuru, Omoro , Nwoya and Gulu city.  In total 10 sub-counties in these districts are targeted with different activities that are implemented in them. These sub-counties are Bobi, Koch Ongako, Koch Goma, Alero, Anaka, Atiak, Pabbo, Patiko, Lungulu, and Bardege/Layibi division.  

General Objective

Building an empowered, inclusive and resilient communities who are knowledgeable, transformative and promotes the realization of feminism, gender justice and peaceful co-existence.

The project also promote an inclusive and gender sensitive programming anchored on building feminist movements at grassroots level and with stakeholders to ensure the promotion of effective feminist leadership able to reduce male dominance and patronage that suppresses the promotion of gender equality, women’s empowerment and peace.

Project outcomes:

  1. Establish a feminist culture that nurtures gendered democratic values and norms, rights, inclusivity and justice for all.
  2. Positive change status of women and girls due to changing structures that increases fulfilment of their socio-economic and cultural rights.
  3. Civil society is resilient and promotes gender equality, transparency and accountability.


Under the project, the different strategies that GWED-G will use to enable it achieve the project intended results shall include:   

  • Male Engaged Initiatives- MEI
  • Right Based Approaches (RBA)
  • Linkages and Partnerships
  • Feminist Leadership development and governance
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution


DIAKONIA Sweden is the funding partner of GWED-G for this project. Find more about their work on their website.