Scovia, a skilled clothing designer – Piggery’s project from AJWS

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The story of Scovia, a skilled clothing designer from Lucari village


Achan Scovia 24 year old girl lives in Lucari Village her grand mother of 80 year old from Paduny Parish in Awach sub-county. Her biological mother left them while she was a very young and being the first born she had to take care of her other three siblings. Scovia could not have imagined how dramatically her life would be hard with many challenges after she left her home and elope with a young boy from her village. She got pregnant and had no support from her man who impregnated her and later gave birth to a baby boy from home in the village. She decided to come back home and engaged herself in farming activities but due to change in weather, her crops could not yield anything that can support her siblings. From her Village, Scovia lives near a role model men worker, she got courage to approach him and told her story of her life has become very difficult for her. The Role Model men than connected her with GWED-G for livelihood support program for child mothers and young girls drop out of school. She however continued to face many struggles in her daily life and in providing for her family.

The Project

Scovia’s situation improved in some way after joining the group. She was able to participate in the group and share her problems with some members who had similar problem like her. From the group, Scovia got a pair of Pig distributed by GWED-G as livelihood support to young girls. The Pig gave birth to 5 piglets, she sold the piglets each at a cost of seventy thousand Uganda shillings (70,000) and got three hundred and fifty thousand shillings (350,000) only. Unfortunately Scovia pig die immediately after giving birth than later she decided to sell the other remaining pair got some money and went to do tailoring training from Awach centre for a period of six month. I can now make beautiful clothes and get money on an average I can make 20,000-30,000 per day and if I have enough materials in stock, I can make (50,000) thousand shillings and more on a good day. Her 4 years old child had just started a new year of school this year but still she is unable to meet other basic needs because her boy friend does not support her in any way to take care of the child.


Scovia spend the entire day walking to and from home to take her child to school. Often she is too pre-occupied with caring for her child and her younger siblings which have affected her business leaving her with too much stressed that she cannot overcome it sometimes. Her future remains uncertain due to her myriad of problems, but she continues to find hope in GWED-G’s support.  Despite all this challenges, Scovia still continuous to supports her children with the business mean while she received counseling from her VHT as to how to improve her situation.

Way forward

Although scovia’s conditions may not be ideal, Scovia maintains a positive outlook on her and her family’s future. Presently, are 4 years old child is in school. Although finances remain an ongoing challenge, Scovia prays that if she could raised some money to buy her own sewing machine and stock enough materials that can bring customer to her shop she would be very happy.

Overall, Scovia is satisfied with the aid she has received from GWED-G and is optimistic about her family’s future under its program.


This Success Story was written by Franny Achoko, Project Officer for AJWS project working with GWED-G. 31.01.2023. © GWED-G.