Empowering Youth Organisations in Uganda – Empower YOU

The present project tackles youth unemployment by connecting economic empowerment to encouragement of political participation. The project is implemented in Lira and Gulu cities (Acholi and Lango subregions).


Three years from February 2023 to January 2026.


Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world and its working-age population is projected to double by 2040. With a total population of around 45 million, the Ugandan population is comprised of a high and increasing cohort of young people: Close to 80% of the population are below 30 years (NPA 2020). It is estimated that over a million young people are entering the job market in Uganda each year. There are not enough decent jobs available, which has already led to high unemployment and, in particular, underemployment of youths.

Key activities

The action responds to the needs of the target groups and final beneficiaries and involves them in the development of the project; firstly, the beneficiaries will gain skills and competencies; and secondly, they will gain access to services, opportunities and platforms in the areas of economic development, policy and governance. 

General Objective

  1. The support of existing micro and small enterprises (enhancement of sustainable income generation and life skills);
  2. The promotion of youth participation in policy, decision-making and development processes at national and local levels for increased social and economic inclusion;
  3. The support of national Civil Society Organisation (CSO) to increase their capacity for equitable, inclusive, and sustained youth development.


The project targets up to 2,093 direct beneficiaries, with a key focus on youth (18-30 years old), women and persons with disabilities, including 750 business enterprises:5,000 vulnerable small-hold farmers and their households received service and product bundles, including training.


This project is being implemented in partnership with Caritas Switzerland (lead), StartHub Africa and Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalisation (GWED-G) & co-funded by the European Union, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation as well as Caritas Switzerland.